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Hollywood restaurant transforms into McDowell’s from ‘Coming to America’

Remember McDowell’s? The McDonald’s knockoff featured in the Eddie Murphy film “Coming to America” was brought to life by a Hollywood restaurant for Halloween.

Fat Sal’s in Hollywood turned itself into McDowell’s for Halloween, and the line stretched out the door.

They offered their own version of the Big Mick, as well as the Sexual Chocolate Shake and the Zamunda Fries.

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Goo Goo Dolls – Boxes

The new album Boxes is available now. Get it here:

Tatyana Ali, Kim Fields, & Jasmine Guy to Star in Lifetime Holiday Movie

Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), Jasmine Guy (A Different World), and Kim Fields (Living Single) are set to star in upcoming Lifetime holiday film, Secret Santa (working title) alongside Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers), Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years) and Brendan Fehr (Guardians of the Galaxy).

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Jaimee Foxworth on Not Being Invited to ‘Family Matters’ Reunion

Last week, fans of ’90s sitcom Family Matters were ecstatic to see the cast reunited for the first time in years on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Still, die-hard followers couldn’t help but notice the youngest Winslow sibling missing from the story, as Jaimee “Judy Winslow” Foxworth was nowhere to be found. Though many chalk it up to her character being written out of the series after its fourth season, the actress still feels the need to share her thoughts on not being invited to the epic reunion.

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Flashback Tonight Episode – Jenna Von Oy Part 1 Jenna talks Blossom, The Parkers & her “Ass”-sets

Blossom & The Parkers actress, Jenna Von Oy discusses her famous backside, motherhood, Mo’Nique’s backlash and just how good she is at reading lips!!

Growing Up Urkel: How Jaleel White is owning his legacy.


When you interview Jaleel White about his 36-year career in show business, there’s inevitably an elephant in the room — and it’s wearing suspenders.

For nine seasons, White played catchphrase-spouting supernerd Steve Urkel on ABC’s Family Matters, a character so beloved by audiences that it saved the then-struggling sitcom from an untimely cancelation. But since the show signed off after its nine-season run on ABC (and then CBS) in 1997, it has been a difficult legacy for White to shake. While this is in many ways a testament to how good he was in the role, it’s an association not every former child star would embrace.

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